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Monday, January 09, 2006

More history on our company

History Quiz contest #88 by oxford historical society

Drumbo Tent Company
About 1890, Alfred D. Enticknap came from Plattsville to Drumbo and bought a tinsmith and hardware business from Kaufman and Erb. It was located on the northeast corner of Wilmot and Oxford Street.
In 1900, he advertised that he manufactured awnings, tents, fire escapes, all kinds of wire goods, truck and bag holders. He invented the first awning gear.
Alfred Martin joined his father in the company and it became A.D. Enticknap and Son Company. After Alfred D. retired, the business was carried on by Alfred Martin and his wife, Alberta Dennis, a public school teacher. They decided to concentrate on the manufacture of tents and awnings and sold the tinsmith and hardware business to R.C. Cowan.
Alberta died in 1938 and Alfred M. Enticknap died in 1946. Their family consisted of two daughters. Daughter Evelyn married John A. Taylor.
The Taylors (in 1947) decided to carry on the business. In 1955, the Taylors moved their operations into a new building on Wilmot Street South. The business is still carried on in this location by John A.'s son, John Martin and his wife Laura, as well as grandson, JR and his wife Monica Taylor and great great granddaughter Jessica Evelyn Taylor.
John A. Taylor passed away on June 10, 2001.
Additional info:
The business name was changed to Drumbo Tent and Awning in 1955.
Now that the business is specializing in tent rentals, it's name has once again changed to
Drumbo Tent Company Limited.


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