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Location:Drumbo, Ontario, Canada

Monday, April 24, 2006

Corporate Info

Corporate Info
The customer is responsible for securing all temporary building permits, Drumbo Tent
Company will be happy to supply you with all required-back-up structural documentation.
You must give your building department 3-4weeks . lead time on any
building permit.
When you go the building department.
You must bring with you:
  • Flame-retardant letter.
  • Engineer stamped drawing.
  • signed commitment form from engineer.
  • site plan from customer.
  • chq. or cash for building permit in your area.
  • Eng. Inspection of tent lined up by us on day of tent set-up.

You should phone your local building department and ask what they require for your

sq.ft. of tent.

Have a great and successful day!

Monica M. Taylor


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